Crystal Love 7/30/2005

It is darkest before the dawn on your world.  The emergence of a New Day awaits your calling.  It awaits your Song to be sung and your Dance to be danced!   I am Crystal Love of the Crystal People.   We are pleased to be with you at this “darkest period before the dawn of your Ascenstion! 

We have been monitoring the progression of the transformation of the DNA in all Beings on your planet.  The Crystalline Structure is transforming your DNA.  If you courld see yourselves now as we do your spirits would soar to the skies! 

For those who are having some difficulties with these times we ask you to work with the crystals.  Contemplate their perfection and meditate with them.  Some may even be able to sleep with  a crystal under their pillows.   Some crystals are particularly healing.  USE THEM! 

Connect with the Spirit of the crystal.   Your Native Peoples have long known the value of them.   They have known of the service to humanity given by the Cystal People.

Go within and ask yourselves what it is you must  do  in order to transmute that which is in need of tranformation in your lives and on your world at  this time.  You have help from many places and all of them are Love.  LIVE your new reality NOW!   KNOW that it is here!

Our ship is the Rainbow Light and it really is very beautiful!    You will enjoy exploring it with us when it is Time!   We will be with you  in mediation with your Crystals.  We will sing the song of the crystals together and we’ll dance together in Cystal Light!  Lift up your hearts to a New and Crystalline World!     Your Crystalline Family awaits you! 

Blessings upon you all this evening!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   July 30, 2005   12:20 am