Bizintin 9/30/2005

Come fly with us this evening!  We are in one of many shuttlecrafts in your skies at this time.  We will soar with your skies at night when the traffic is not so intense.  I am Bizintin of the Starship  Ka-ra-ten.   My shuttle is the One Light.  It is large enough to hold 80 of you at a time.  

We have determined that you all need a little break from the stormy times upon your world.  We wish you to experience the joyous speed and the silence of the night above your beautiful planet.  You will see what you all have been working so hard to protect.  You will know the glory of your planet as seen from miles above her.   You will glimpse the Light radiating from the Loving and Caring Beings upon her.   

We will have a Party!  You will meet old friends and new ones too!   We are Family!   (Just like the song)   We go back together thousands of generations.  We have not forgotten the Starseeds!   We have come full circle!     We have come for you!  Put on your dancing shoes (or slippers) and let’s FLY!   

Let’s laugh together, and sing and shed tears of joy.  Know that we long for you as you long  for us!   We FEEL your love; do you Feel our love?   We FEEL your pain and send you our strength to shore up your spirits.   Come Fly with us this night through ribbons of Light and color, through the songs of the Spheres, through Love Unbounded.   We have an appointment.  Do we not?   See you all soon!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  September 30, 2005