Batar and Victore 7/26/2005

The Ship you see in your Northern sky will dis-embark Shuttles that will land in your area and in Southwestern  British Columbia.   Yes, it is interesting that it is not commented upon.  It IS large!   It is the Quanteen   2, (Quantum 2 in your language).   Because we are a “contact” ship we carry those from different star systems.   We are many-hued and have many talents individually and collectively.  

One of our assignments will be the calming of any chaotic energies.   We have numerous Empaths aboard who are trained in alleviating situations of fear and panic.  We are Batar and Victore.  We are Communication Officers on the Quanteen 2.  We  have been in our positon in your sky for over a year.   We have had an interesting education observing your part of the world.  We were previously assigned to various other areas around your planet.   As it is now, this is our more or less permanent position until the time of Open Contact. 

We have on board, Healers who are ready to assist you in healing  your physical bodies.  They will teach those who wish it, how you are able to heal yourselves.   You are not without the ability right now to heal your body mind and spirit.   Most of you have just forgotten how powerful and perfect you are.   A little lesson:   VISUALIZE your body Whole and Well.  You may ask us for assistance now and we will work with you in your Dreamtime.  When we land and are among you we will be able to explain the Physics of Healing so that everyone has the opportunity to heal themselves. 

Don’t lose heart (an interesting expression)  Dear Ones,  We Are Here With You Now!  Just Look Up!   And before long we will be with you walking your beautiful planet together!    She is a Jewel of your Galaxy and you are her treasures, her Re-Awakening Masters! 

Hold the Light of NESARA expanded on your world!  The Light of Truth will burst forth in glorious rainbow ribbons encompassing your Dear Earth.   Be in Peace in these treasured times for we will be together again!   Loving Blessings upon you all!  Good Night, Sleep in Joy in the Arms of the Mother!

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle July 26,05  12:45 AM