Balthsor 3/2/2006

I am Balthsor of the TwinStar.  We are an Insectoid race who have evolved on various Planets in this Galaxy.  We have come to observe and to help as needed in your evolutionary leap into higher dimensions.  Your Planet is already birthing your New Earth.  She is stretching and shaking off the debris of civilizations.  She is preparing herself for her leap, of which you are a part, into higher planes of existence.

As people awaken to who they truly are this leap will be easier than you can imagine!   We are talking about Conciously going forth into a New Way or should we say a new OLD way of thinking and being?   You came here in Ascended form and you will awaken to that knowledge in the innermost corners of your Beings.  For THERE is your Power.  It is a great power to Love, to be detached from drama, yet to Live Compassion. 

It is only a remembrance; you need only turn a corner and you are face to face with YOU, in all of your glory, in all of your lovingness,  in all of your Divine Simplicity!

We see beneath the illusory veils of your belief systems, we see you as you Really Are!  Great and Beautiful and Powerful Beings!  We Salute You with Joy in your newly found Freedom from Illusion!   We are cheering you on!   You are loved beyond measure!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   March 2, 2006     11:30 PM