Addendum to last night’s Relay Message: I am proposing to all officers and ground crew of the Ashtar Command and other Commands the following: 10/17/2005

1)  Each evening at 9 PM  in our local time zones meditate or focus on NESARA’S reality in the present moment.  We could Command that the steps (indictments, arrests,  resignations, release of the Funding,  Gold standard and new money, loan forgiveness,  etc) to our Inner and outer Soverignty have been taken.

I suggest that we contemplate  what the changes will Feel and Look like.  Visualize the happiness, relief and joy of all the people on earth and Gaia’s great joy!  We could do this for 3 days at the same time each evening as a rolling meditation for 10 minutes.

2)  For the next 3 days we could Command our readiness for Open Contact.  FEEL and Visualize how that will be.  We can feel and know the great joy of all of the people at our reunion with our family from the starsi   We can ask them to come NOW!

To those Lightworkers in the US:  the Changes are coming to ALL of the people and their governments so include in your visualizations the wonderful changes happening all over the Earth.  

3)  The White Knights are doing their jobs.  Now we must DO OUR JOBS.  The messages were clear to me that we MUST take back our Power!   Whatever we want is only a Thought away!  We are Great and Powerful Spiritual Beings not the helpless victims anymore.   We must take up our courage and make that switch in our minds and we will be THERE!

4)  I am proposing that we rotate the above every 3 days for the next couple of weeks.  I do think it would be even more powerful if we could do this each night at the same time for a more intense focus but I can’t figure out how that would work with all the time-zones.

Please send your feedback and/or suggestions to  Let me know if you will be participating and the country you are in.   Let’s remember together, that We Are Ascended Masters and can do ANYTHING!   We are who we have been waiting for!  Are we ready to DO This?????       Blessings and Peace,   Spirit Eagle